Sonos PLAY:1 Review

Are you considering purchasing the Sonos PLAY:1? This Sonos PLAY 1 review is meant to highlight the main properties of the device, how it is installed, its compatibility, as well as some of its advantages and disadvantages.

An In-Depth Sonos PLAY:1 Review

What is Sonos PLAY:1?

Sonos PLAY 1 review

The Sonos PLAY:1 is a wireless mini home speaker; in fact, it is the smallest speaker that Sonos manufactures. Due to its small size, the speaker can fit in any small space. Despite its size, the Sonos PLAY:1 has a mighty sound that can fill any room you put it in.

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Pros & Cons of Sonos PLAY:1

  • Pros: One of the biggest advantages of the Sonos PLAY:1 is its small size that makes it suitable for small spaces. You can place it on your bookshelf or another similar place where it will seat comfortably and allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes. The sound quality is also fantastic considering the size of the speaker. Furthermore, the speaker provides support for major applications including Rdio, Spotify, and Pandora, which are some of the most popular streaming applications available in the market today. It also provides reliable wireless streaming for all of your streaming requirements. The speaker is also humidity resistant and can thus be used in your bathroom.
  • Cons: The main disadvantage of the speaker is that it cannot stream from every app on your mobile device. For instance, it does not provide support for iTunes Radio among other popular applications found on mobile devices. In addition, the lack of a built-in battery will hinder you from moving the speaker from one room to another.

Special Key Features of Sonos PLAY 1:

One key feature of the Sonos PLAY:1 is that it is humidity resistant. The Flush power cable input tightly seals the bottom of the speaker, which ensures that the speaker is humidity resistant. You can leave it in your bathroom or your backyard without ever worrying about how the humidity in the room is affecting the speaker and its sound quality.
The speaker also has top-panel buttons that allow you to navigate through your music selections from the top of the speaker. The buttons include PLAY/Pause, Skip, and Volume Control.

How Does Sonos PLAY:1 Look?

The PLAY:1 has a stylish and refined look that makes it appear more expensive than it really is. It looks amazing anywhere you put it in your home and adds a touch of sophistication to your house design. The black model in particular is very stylish and blends well with the room that it is kept in. the power cord at the bottom of the speaker has been cleverly designed so that it tucks into the bottom for a seamless look.

At the top of the speaker, you will notice that the Mute button has been replaced by PLAY/Pause button.

Watch this video to know how to making of the Limited Edition Sonos x Blue Note PLAY 1:

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Installation & Setup

Installation and setup is a breeze especially if you already own a Sonos system, as all you need to do is instruct the app that you want to add a speaker and follow the simple instructions given. If this is your first Sonos device, then connect an Ethernet cable to the backside of the speaker or connect the speaker to your home Wi-Fi network.

Sonos PLAY1 review

Ease of Use

The speaker gets easier to use as you familiarize yourself with the different apps that it supports.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Sonos PLAY:1 is top-notch considering its small size. The speaker has a mighty sound that is capable of filling the entire room. The sound quality gets better when you pair two PLAY:1 to have a genuine stereo PLAYback experience. The sound quality is especially good for other listening areas in your house that include your home office, kitchen, and your bedroom.


The Sonos PLAY:1 is compatible with majority of streaming services that include Rdio, Pandora, and Spotify. In addition, the speaker has controller apps that are compatible with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Sonos has also updated its software to ensure that the speaker supports direct connection to Wi-Fi networks. The company also updated its control app for a more universal music search.

Should I Buy Sonos PLAY:1 – Mini Home Speaker?

If you are looking for a mini speaker that can fit in almost every small space then Sonos PLAY 1 is for you. The sound quality is amazing despite its size, and it provides support for nearly every streaming application available. The speaker is also affordable allowing the masses to enjoy wireless audio in a way that has never been possible before.

Sonos PLAY 1 Review – Conclusion

The Sonos PLAY:1 is an excellent mini home speaker that merges affordability, stylish design, wireless technology, and superb sound quality to help better your music listening experience anywhere in your home. Its small size allows you to put it in any small space. Its size does not impair its ability to deliver strong and high quality sound.

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