Sonos PLAY:3 Review

This Sonos Play:3 review is designed to assist you with all the pertinent details concerning the Sonos Play:3 device. The Play: 3 is a mid-sized speaker, making it slightly bigger than the Sonos Play:1 but significantly smaller than the Play: 5.

An In-Depth Sonos Play:3 Review

What is Sonos Play:3?

Sonos Play:3 Review

After the successful launch of the Play: 5, Sonos introduced the Play: 3 to attract customers who found the Play: 5 too expensive. Compared to the Play: 5, the Play: 3 is more compact as well as more affordable, retailing at only $299. It is the cheapest Sonos music streaming and audio device that Sonos has in its line-up.

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Pros & Cons

With the Sonos Play:3, you can control your music from any Android, iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone using a free application. The sound quality is good and you can stream your own music collection from your PC, Mac, or NAS drive. It has an elegant, compact design that enables it to fit comfortably in small spaces. Its design also removes cord clutter, making it easier to move it around. The speaker is easy to install and configure, especially if you have a Sonos wireless network already set up.

The biggest downside to the Play:3 is that it has limited stereo separation. It also does not have the clarity offered by the bigger Play:5. You are also at a disadvantage if this is the only Sonos device you have as you will have to purchase hard-wired connection. This is because the speaker can only wirelessly connect to other Sonos products.

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Special Key Features of Sonos PLAY:3

The Play: 3 comes with three Class-D amplifiers as well as three drivers, two of which are 3-inch mid-range drivers and one tweeter. The Sonos mid-size home speaker also has a bass radiator in its rear end. The bass radiator is usually passive. Its dimensions are designed in such a way that the speaker can fit on a nightstand, side table or bookshelf quite comfortably.

The speaker can be sat either horizontally or vertically, and an internal sensor detects the position you have placed the speaker in and adjusts from mono (vertical) or stereo mode (horizontal) or vice versa. The directional design allows you to add two Play: 3s in the same room and stereo pair them. One will act as the left-channel speaker with the other serving as the right-channel speaker. The speaker also comes with an alarm function.

How Does Sonos Play:3 Look?

Sonos Play3 Review

The Sonos Play:3 comes in both white and black models, so at least you have options when it comes to selecting the color. The compact speaker is nicely designed and has three buttons at the top similar to the Play: 1. These buttons include the mute, volume up, and volume down buttons. It weighs 5.7 pounds compared to the 9.15 pounds Play: 5.

Installation & Setup

It is important for you to know that the Play 3 can only connect and interact with other Sonos products where they form a wireless network. Setup is relatively easier if you already have a Sonos network with other devices on it. All you need to do in this case is instruct the network to add another speaker and follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

You can also simply plug the speaker into an open Ethernet port in the room or use power-to-line Ethernet adapters that link your router to the speaker.

Ease of Use

The Play: 3 is easy to use as it only has three buttons at the top to help you adjust the volume of the sound and to mute the device. In addition, to access the music, you will can control the speaker from a distance. You can achieve this by using your Android phone, iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone, which is very convenient.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is exceptional for such a compact speaker. It has a deeper bass and richer sound compared to the Play: 1. The speaker delivers in stereo and the amplifiers and drivers guarantee a wide sound stage so that you can clearly hear all the vocals and instruments.


As mentioned above, the Play: 3 can only connect wirelessly to other Sonos devices, otherwise, you will have to purchase hard-wire connections. The speaker provides support for majority of the streaming services available in the market today including audio books, podcasts, and Internet radio, among others.

Should I Buy Sonos Play:3?

You should buy the Sonos Play:3 as it offers superior audio-streaming capabilities that you can control from your Android smartphone or iOS device.

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Sonos Play 3 Review – Conclusion

The Play:3 home speaker from Sonos will be a great addition to your Sonos network. It is versatile, compatible with most streaming apps, and has great sound quality. It also has a sleek design, which will enhance the look of any room it is kept in. Buy it now and get FREE Shipping.

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